The Spherically Wound Orb Rotary Display, is a device capable of displaying images and text over a three dimensional space. Due to its eye appeal and bright display, it can be used as a marketing gimmick. Through a computer interface, users can interact with SWORD by changing what is being displayed. Users can select from several images available, or can write alphanumeric text. The display is achieved through the concept of persistence of vision.

Persistence of vision is a phenomenon in which a human eye retains an image for a very short time after seeing it. This is due to the eye being a human organ, which acts with chemical reactions. The chemical reactions are slower than the speed of light. Light, which moves faster than the eye can see, will generate the illusion of a continuous stream if it is in the same place every 0.0416 seconds. In other words, this phenomenon allows us to perceive fluid motion in animation by refreshing an image at a rate of 10 hertz or higher. SWORD achieves a refresh rate in that range by rotating its ring covered with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) through the use of a DC Motor. The DC motor on average produces 655 revolutions per minute, allowing a refresh rate of approximately 11 hertz by alternating each LEDs' state every 463.8 microseconds. Thus, creating a sphere of color lights that make up the images we present.



Created as a joint project between individual members of Kytelabs, Willie W. González, Edward Betancourt,
and Rogelio E. Cardona.

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