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Engineers, designers,
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We're kytelabs, a startup founded in Puerto Rico dedicated to the development of hardware and software products that make people's lives easier or—at the very least—more enjoyable.

Our current work

We tend to work on more than one project at a time for the fun of it. This is our current line up.


A full fledged Arduino with built in Bluetooth 4.0. Small, cheap, and fully compatible with standard arduino shields.

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The future of the modern lighting system. A simple and cheap lightbulb you can control from your phone anywhere in your house.

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A full-fledged web app that streamlines customer development by automatically processing interview data for you.

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Meet the team

Jonathan Gonzalez

Pixel lover & leader of the pack

Co-founder, designer, and CEO. Loves to talk about the pixels and how that one thing is 5px off to the left and needs correcting.

Ramon Gonzalez

iOS terminator & back-end conquistador

Co-founder, developer, and customer development evangelist. Loves to talk about startups, tech, and everything in between.

Angel Viera

Hardware extraordinaire & human SMD machine

Co-founder, hardware engineer, and front-end developer. Loves to talk about how insanely tiny our components are.

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